Christakis Taoushanis

Christakis Taoushanis

Non-executive director, Member of the
Audit Committee

Christakis Taoushanis joined the Board in July 2018.

He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and the London Business School. He has 30 years of banking experience, having worked for four years with Continental Illinois National Bank of Chicago in Chicago and Greece, 18 years with the HSBC Group in Hong Kong and Cyprus (the last 12 as the Managing Director in Cyprus) and 8 years as the Chief Executive Officer of the Cyprus Development Bank. Since 2011, he provides services as an Advisor to a number of companies through the private firm, TTEG & Associates.

He is a member of the boards of various regulated companies, mostly of international interests. He served as President of the Association of Cyprus Commercial Banks and numerous other firms and associations. He is active in local Cypriot community and charitable organisations.



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