AGM Notice

The Notice convening the AGM of the shareholders of the Company for the year 2019 (“Shareholders”), to be held at 3-7 Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, Nicolaides Sea View City Block AB, Office EB 1, 6017 Larnaca, Cyprus at 11:00 a.m. local time, on June 18, 2019 is set out at the end of this document. Shareholders will find attached to this document a Form of Proxy for use at the AGM. To be valid the Form of Proxy should be signed and returned in accordance with the instructions printed on it. The Form of Proxy must be delivered personally or by courier or by post at the registered office of the Company situated at the address set out above or be sent by fax at +357 25 37 30 75, to the attention of Confitrust Limited, Secretary of the Company, or by email at, not less than 48 hours before the time for holding the AGM. Completion and posting of the Form of Proxy does not prevent a Shareholder from attending and voting in person at the AGM.

Convening Notice_signed

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